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Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricingThe transfer pricing provisions require businesses to maintain an extensive documentation for supporting their inter-company pricing, especially with reference to the third party comparable. This obligation along with the quantum of taxes involved and the strategic nature of inter-company pricing makes it necessary for the businesses to maintain a robust and defendable transfer pricing documentation. RATAN CHANDAK & CO. transfer pricing team can help entities resolve transfer pricing issues and minimize the risk of non-compliance with Transfer Pricing Regulations. We have a team of specialists, comprising professionals in accounting, finance, law and tax. Our team offers advice on effective strategy on matters related to appeals or litigation.

RATAN CHANDAK & CO. help you in the following areas

  • Achieve a efficient manufacturing capacity and optimised physical distribution network
  • Advice on transfer pricing documentation requirements in multiple jurisdictions
  • Advisory Services with Reference to the DTAAS between India and Various Countries, Expatriate Taxation, etc
  • Align profits with restructured business processes
  • Align tax/fiscal and operational models
  • Analytical Documentation Services
  • Assisting in Assessments / Appeals
  • Attain sustainable structural tax improvement, increase shareholder value and cash flow
  • Centralise transaction processing
  • Compliance
  • Create optimal processes that provide for operational supremacy
  • Develop a more competitive customer service proposition
  • Develop coordinated global transfer pricing documentation and defence files consistent with your needs
  • Develop strategies at both the global and local level, and guide you through the process of requesting APAs to help ensure successful outcomes
  • Establish potential synergies within your supply chain and operating structure
  • Evaluation of internal controls over transfer pricing are sufficient to satisfy a Section 404 end of year audit
  • Facilitate the management of Euro pricing and greater pricing transparency
  • Global strategic planning of tax audit and disputes
  • Litigation support and representation before tax authorities
  • Managing worldwide transfer pricing policies and procedures
  • Obtain the flexibility to accommodate future business changes
  • Obtain total visibility across the supply chain through single ownership of inventory
  • Providing assistance with APA requests
  • Respond to a tax authority transfer pricing audit/enquiry
  • Tax audit management practices
  • Tax dispute avoidance techniques
  • Tax dispute resolution alternatives
  • Tax risk management, analysis, and disclosure
  • Transfer Pricing Related Advisory

Central Excise & Customs :Excise duty is levied on production of goods while Customs duty is normally levied on the import of goods. For businesses that are engaged in manufacturing / imports, these duties represent major costs and hence adequate planning and proper compliance is of prime importance.

RATAN CHANDAK & CO. help you in the following areas

  • Advice on classification, valuation, duty liability and the cross-credit scheme
  • Assistance during assessments
  • Counsel on various issues relating to Central Excise and Customs on applicability, rate of duty, general or specific exemptions, benefits, etc available to the clients
  • Filing of periodical returns and remittance of tax dues Assist in compliance with procedures, availing of tax benefits, etc
  • Identification of planning opportunities to optimise duties
  • Litigation services, including - strategy, preparation and filing of appeals and representation before the authorities
  • Minimization of tax exposure, structuring business transactions
  • Obtaining initial registrations
  • Representation

Service Taxservice tax is increasingly representing a major tax cost for various service-oriented businesses. In the last few years, the share of contribution of service tax to the national exchequer has increased manifold and the Government is continuously amplifying its scope to include additional services every each year. RATAN CHANDAK & CO. services include advice on applicability of Service Tax and on the procedural compliances including Registration and filing of requisite forms with the Department. Also, we undertake review of agreements to check the applicability and incidence of tax.

RATAN CHANDAK & CO. help you in the following areas

  • Adjustment of excess service tax paid
  • Advisory services on the applicability and impact of service tax on business operations, including availability of credits
  • Assessment
  • Assistance during assessments
  • Cenvat credit review
  • Classification of services
  • Consultative and compliance services
  • Credit of service tax paid
  • Due Diligence
  • Filing of periodical returns and remittances of taxes
  • Interest and penalty
  • Litigation services involving strategy, preparation and filing of appeals and representation before the authorities
  • Notice and visit by departmental officer
  • Obtaining initial registration
  • Payment of service tax
  • Record to be maintained and invoice
  • Refund of tax
  • Registration
  • Representation
  • Revision and appeal
  • Service tax audit related assistance
  • Structuring of business transactions to maximize tax efficiency

VAT & Entry TaxVAT & Entry tax are important commodity taxes at the State level that could significantly impact the pricing of goods. To optimize tax efficiency it is necessary to ensure proper structuring of supply chain and the distribution network.

RATAN CHANDAK & CO. help you in the following areas

  • Advice companies on the resultant changes in the business models, supply chains, pricing & other optimisation opportunities
  • Advisory services in relation to the VAT legislation
  • Assistance during assessments
  • Filing of periodical returns and remittance of taxes
  • Financial impact assessment of VAT/sales tax on businesses
  • Impact assessment studies of the GST on businesses
  • Litigation services involving strategy, preparation and filing of appeals and representation before the authorities
  • Minimization of tax exposure and structuring business transactions
  • National VAT/sales tax administration
  • Obtaining initial registrations
  • Recognition of structures to optimize VAT/sales tax incidence
  • Representation
  • Support in compliance of procedures and availing tax benefits
  • VAT audit related assistance

Income Tax RATAN CHANDAK & CO. has years of experience in a wide array of industries. Our full line of tax services includes preparation of tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships and for other enterprises.

RATAN CHANDAK & CO. help you in the following areas

  • Business and individual tax planning, projections, and valuations
  • Delivering value added services
  • Designing the best tax-structure for our clients, in compliance with the statutory regulations
  • Getting tax services streamlined for our clients
  • Innovative ideas which are practical and can be systematically implemented
  • Minimization of risks resulting in higher financial stability
  • NRI Taxations and foreign company's tax matters
  • Representation before taxing authorities
  • Special reports & projections for tax planning
  • Support for business acquisition, reorganizations, mergers, and incorporations
  • Tax planning opportunities for clients Domestic and expatriate tax expertise
  • Tax Representation
  • Understanding the business vision of the client's organization
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