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Human Resources

HR managementRATAN CHANDAK & CO. aim to help clients solve human resource challenges and overcome any hindrance. We help our clients to increase the effectiveness of the organization by aligning their goals with that of the people within the organization. We support our clients in upgrading the capabilities of the people within the organization and work with the executives to identify the current talent and hidden talent within the organization. We ensure your team is the "RIGHT TEAM" and help you implement the right information technology tools to allow better management of resources.

RATAN CHANDAK & CO. help you in the following areas

  • Advise on changes in employment laws, rules, regulations and guidelines, their impacts and effective dates
  • Assess how well human resources management is linked to agency mission accomplishment
  • Building the right team.
  • Confer with management regarding the initiation and implementation of new workplace/workforce initiatives
  • Consult on employee discipline and terminations to ensure that they are conducted appropriately and done in a well-documented manner in order minimize litigation
  • Create a customized employee policies and procedures handbook; personnel forms and a supplementary supervisory handbook that details the "how to's" and "do's and don'ts" of effective leadership and coaching
  • Deploying the best technology tools to support the organization
  • Design and provide consultation on the employee performance review process
  • Design and/or update/revise a comprehensive employee wage and salary program
  • Design descriptive Job Summaries for all employee classifications
  • Determine how the HR service providers work with line managers to carry out agency strategic goals
  • Explore the role played by the HR staff in agency strategic planning
  • HR function effectiveness & service delivery
  • HR metrics & benchmarking
  • HR transaction services
  • Identify best practices aligning HRM with the agency strategic plan and goals
  • Identifying people risks within the organization
  • Improving employee productivity and commitment
  • Provide assistance on workplace/workforce matters

International ProjectsRATAN CHANDAK & CO. provide a wide range of services to help organization to work effectively on international projects by maintaining high-level work performance while working locally, across cultures, time, and distance to achieve the assignment's business goals in the context of the organizational objectives.

RATAN CHANDAK & CO. help you in the following areas

  • Administration
  • Assist line management in identifying need for an international Assignee
  • Collect assignment initiation profile data and track in a database
  • Compliance
  • Conduct assessments
  • Conduct HR briefing with assignee
  • Consulting
  • Draft assignment letter outlining terms and conditions
  • Efficient delivery structure of international assignment
  • Ensure that international assignment policies are aligned with the needs of the business cost-efficiently
  • Generate hypothetical tax calculation, assignee compensation balance sheet and pay split calculations when necessary
  • Manage risks by complying with the regulations in the area where workforce is organized
  • Perform projection of total assignment cost and obtain line management
  • Selection of the right staff for international assignments and that their performance is meeting business objectives
  • Sustaining high-level business performance and developing complex business relationships necessary to meet or exceed the goals
  • Tax-efficient international assignment structures and policies

Reward and Compensation RATAN CHANDAK & CO.develop pay and performance management programmes that are aligned with your business strategy. We work as an extension of your HR team. Our expertise enhances the effectiveness of your reward programme .By understanding your needs our consulting work help you in gaining a competitive advantage. We effectively understand your business, your priorities, the issues you deal with and objectives. We compare your existing reward practices with your requirement and close the gap which exists. This can range from structured interviews with key stakeholders, focus groups with supervisors or wide surveys of employees.

RATAN CHANDAK & CO. help you in the following areas

  • Creating salary scales
  • Creating the right links between performance and pay
  • Designing a bonus scheme for sales force
  • Determines pay structure
  • Developing a reward strategy
  • Leads to the forms of bonuses and incentives which are in use
  • Preparing a pay policy paper for remuneration committee
  • Provides alignment for pay and benefits approach
  • Shapes reward strategy
  • Suggests on valuation of different kinds of jobs
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